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Minos Ağrı Shop

Minos Ağrı Shop

Minos Ağrı Shop internet sitesi KMK Bilgi Teknolojiler tarafından vsp altyapısı kullanılarak oluşturulmuştur.

Our company, activating in agricultural mechanization field which has great importance for improvement of agriculture in our country since 1959, manufactures Rotary Tillers, Seed Drills, Inter Row Rotary Cultivator, Fertilizer Spreaders, Mulchers, ReaperBinder Machine, Maize Chopper, Rotary Mowers, Rotary Windrowers, Tedder, Mixed Machines, Subsoilers, Cultivators, Chisel, Disc Tiller used in agricultural works such as handling, fertilizing and harvesting starting preparation of soil at the pre-sowing period until plantation, in compliance with stage of the art technology.
Considering the agricultural needs of our country, Minos Agricultural Machinery has put the baler into service with the quality, privilege, guarantee and assurance of Minos, which are designed to have strong and reliable structures, be easy to use and eco-friendly machines.
Our company following the global technological advancements is always beside farmers and at the service of state agriculture with quality machinery conforming to standards and on-site applications.
Minos Ağrı Shop internet sitesi KMK Bilgi Teknolojiler tarafından e-ticaret altyapısı kullanılarak oluşturulmuştur.

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